3801 Grand


Enrichment Opportunities

Here at 3801 Grand, we take quality of life very seriously! It is our priority and our pleasure to offer our residents meaningful, life-enriching opportunities.  At 3801 Grand, we are proud to present a wide range of events and entertainment tailored to meet many interests and abilities.  Events may be here inside our 3801 Grand community or out and about via our minibus!

Contemplating NYE party shenanigans!
A good show!
When the music is moving....
Beautiful organ crafted by our Bob!
Trip to All Saints Church
That's a wrap! Until next season!
JROTC friends are the best!
Beanbag Baseball team ready to go!
Volunteer Appreciation 2019
We appreciate our volunteers!
Learning about fall prevention
Administrative Assistant Day!
Grand Slammers traveling roadshow!
Friends enjoying friends
Ready for Easter dinner
Keep Santa out of the dessert!
Beanbag Baseball residents vs staff!
Accepting defeat!
Our Grand Slammers 2018!
Our friends April and Casino
Tin Man Cole helps with a game!
Grand Suites Jim and his date!
Coordinator Team confusion!
Our own Wizard of Oz!
Our costume contest winner!
Vote for your favorite pumpkin!
Caroline telling jokes!
Campin' and Cowboys at 3801 Grand!
Gangster Executive Director Cole
Wanted! Beautiful Betty!
Bob had everybody laughing!
Sweet Betsy!
Thanks, lovely Jean!
Alvin sharing his best Friday smile!
Beautiful ladies, beautiful day!
Staff Lana helping with beverages
Exec Director Cole, Mom and Grandma
Honoring our men for Fathers Day!
Great turnout at Men's BBQ!
Friday Happy Hour!

Our Annual Family Picnic is always a wonderful time!

This performance was all about LOVE!

Just a little afternoon Bridge game!

Dorothy representing 3801 Grand in the Beaverdale Fall Festival Parade!

At 3801 Grand, we LOVE parties AND treats!


At 3801 Grand, we don't miss an opportunity to bring in talented entertainment!