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3801 Grand

Our Campus

Welcome to lovely 3801 Grand! We can't wait for you to come for a visit! While here, you will likely notice our professionally landscaped grounds. Come inside and you'll be greeted by our friendly staff who are excited to show you around our beautiful campus. You'll most certainly be captivated by our comfortably modern décor.  And if you're there at the right time of day, you just might get a whiff of a fresh, homemade meal being prepared. What are you waiting for? Come see us! Ask for Vickie! 

Fantastic view of Grand Avenue in the fall!
Come in to see for yourself!
Comfortably modern!
Some lovely afternoon music
New wellness center
A perfect day for a picnic!
Memory Care courtyard
Memory Care and Assisted Living in the fall
Welcome to 3801 Grand!
Enjoy a lovely day in our courtyard!
Beautiful outdoor spaces
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