3801 Grand


Meet Trudy, Diane, Bev and Judie!

Produced In-house 2017



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Kathy Gannon

3801 Grand was a haven for me for respite care after my thyroid cancer surgery.  The assistance and support I received for numerous health problems was outstanding. My fully furnished apartment was an ideal home for my recovery.  All the staff and my resident neighbors played a huge role in restoring my good health.

- Sincerely,

Kathy Gannon

Bob enjoys some musical entertainment!_edited.jpg

Polly's Family Says...

"To: The Very Awesome Staff @ 3801 Grand:

"Words cannot express how thankful we are to all of you for taking such amazing care of our mom and all of the residents on your campus. You are all so incredible, and please know that you are prayed for and loved and appreciated every day!

"From Polly's Family, with love and gratitude.

Jenn Kirke Says...

"My mom is SO happy! I thank you for what you are doing!  I feel like I'm the new cheerleader for 3801 Grand!

"It's a wonderful, homey and cozy place, and so accessible! 

"I'm thrilled for my mom and blessed and thankful.  You  are all so wonderful to her!


"Covid has been a wild ride.  I know 3801 Grand is where Mom

is supposed to be. So grateful...

thank you!

"Call Vickie -- she's amazing and she'll help you!

Joan's Family Says...

"Who is that woman and what have you done with my Grandma?  

"3801 Grand gave Grandma freedom from her everyday worries, and the opportunity to rediscover her purpose!

    - Joan Duff's granddaughter