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Flexibility Done Right

3801 Grand Retirement Campus provides a cozy environment and lifestyle to meet each individual's goals.  

For many, that goal is to find a home and friends to spend many great years together.  For others, there is a temporary need for care.
3801 Grand provides flexibility to all residents by charging NO buy-in, entrance, or community fee.  These fees tie up resources and remove individual's options.  Most senior living communities require these fees, but 3801 Grand Assisted Living and Grand Suites Independent Living do not. 

If an individual needs a short-term stay (between 7-30 days) in a furnished Assisted Living apartment, 3801 Grand is here to provide it.  The stay is complete with an individualized service plan, meals & activities, housekeeping & laundry, and all care needs.  For some, this is a great way to transition from a hospital stay.  For others, this is a nice way to try out assisted living. 

Regardless of your goals, 3801 Grand's flexibility is here to help. 

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